Time Saving Tip for Attending Sports Games

Sports games in Nashville can attract lots of fans which is good for the team, but bad for the time you have to spend waiting in traffic while trying to leave the parking lots.

No matter what kind of game you are attending in downtown Nashville, you want to prepare yourself at the least to avoid long waiting times in traffic and the extensive hunt for a parking spot that is relatively close to the field or arena you’re going to. This may be out of your control when the game is over since everyone seems to want to leave at once, but you can do it before the game starts however.

Leaving your home early for the game is the best way to avoid lots of parking hassles and larger crowds of people walking into the stadium. The closer it gets to the game starting, the more people seem to begin flooding in. Therefore, arriving the stadium the game you’re attending is at, is a sure fire way to avoid getting stuck in a big mess.

It may sound rather inconvenient to leave early for a game but if you want to take it easy while mostly everyone else is busy being tied up in a crowd, it’s the best option. But just how early should you leave?

How close you live to the Nashville area is one of the bigger factors to consider when knowing how early you should leave for the game. If you live 30 minutes away, you may want to leave anywhere from 15-30 minutes early but again, this is all up to you.

Keep in mind that no matter how early you leave there will still be fans like yourself that are doing the same thing, and getting their too early can cause longer waiting times until the game starts. To each his own.

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