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Living in and Around Nashville

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Nashville is officially one of the fastest growing cities in the entire nation, thanks to it’s massive growth in and around the area. With all the new editions and the many great ones we had beforehand, there is more to do now than ever before.

Not only is Nashville home to country music and some of it’s most promising country stars, it’s also the station for our national sports teams such as the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Sounds, Predators, Vols, and more. Locals have the option to visit local sports practices of some of their favorite teams, and attend a variety of sports games that go on year round.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. At the infamous Bridgestone arena, there are a wide variety of concerts and events including Barnum and Bailey’s Circus. And you don’t have to strictly be a country music fan to attend. No matter what type of music you favor whether it’s rap, rock, pop, or hip-hop, there will be a concert near you every month or two. Check out one of the many Nashville websites to see concerts for the rest of the year and their showtimes. But the music doesn’t stop at the arena; the downtown Nashville area is filled with clubs and bars that are always playing music or having music played at them by local musicians. The Piano Bar is a great one that comes to mind.

Centennial Park is another great historical place in the downtown area which is great for families and groups of all shapes and sizes to exercise, hang out, play, and overall have a very relaxing day.

If you’re more into shopping, the central Nashville area is littered with shops for all tastes. If you have been waiting to get yourself a nice pair of country boots or a hat, will should find what you want and more at one of the local shops downtown.

Food buffs everywhere will enjoy some of the finest tastes of food in the region. There are hundreds of restaurants to select from, and you won’t find the big establishments like O-Charley’s and Logans but instead, local tastes that are unique and sure to impress and satisfy.

The views of Nashville are astounding with the many buildings and historical sites that are all around. If you haven’t experienced Nashville already, we highly suggest that you do so. We must warn you however that there can be an overwhelming amount to do, and you will probably need to make more than one visit to take all of it in. Have fun!