Catfish Comes to Nashville

Catfish recently came to Nashville! You may be thinking, hey, there’s already plenty of catfish in the lakes and rivers of Tennessee. Silly you. I’m talking about the MTV show Catfish. And if you didn’t already know, catfishing is a relatively new term that’s become popularized over the past few years. To be a catfish means you’re pretending to be someone on the internet that you’re not, and you spend your free time essentially preying on other people. Hence, the show Catfish was created.

To give you a little bit of a background on the show just in case you didn’t already know, one of the hosts, Nev, was catfished by some chick back in the day. Their relationship got so close that he thought he was in love with the person – which happens a lot more now than you may think. Anyway, Nev found out that he was being played eventually, and now helps out others that are in the same situation. Often times, the person that is believed to be a catfish is really the person that the person who contacted the show has been talking to all along. Most of the time though, it’s not.

 Now back to the primary subject of the post.

 In episode 4 of the new season of Catfish, the crew is called upon by a young lady in New York because she believes she’s being catfished by a country boy that lives in Nashville, Tennessee named Graham. Turns out, Graham is really who he claimed to be, but that didn’t stop the Catfish crew from paying a visit to Music city.

 I’ll admit, I’ve been a pretty avid watcher of the show for quite some time now, and have seen all of the episodes. Catfish just released their 6th season and in all of the time leading up to it, I have never seen them visit Nashville. They also visited Knoxville at during the beginning of season 6 when another kid that thought he was being catfished, Spencer, thought he was talking to singer Katy Perry.

 Looks like season 6 is a hot spot for Tennesseans.








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