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See Nashville From a Higher Perspective

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It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s…

Nashville, Tennessee: one of the fastest growing cities in the entire country.

From hip and trendy restaurants, to shopping avenues, historic places, live music and more, there is never a dull moment when you live near or are visiting downtown Nashville.

But no matter how many times you may have visited the downtown area before, we can bet that you have never seen it like this higher perspective.


Catfish Comes to Nashville

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Catfish recently came to Nashville! You may be thinking, hey, there’s already plenty of catfish in the lakes and rivers of Tennessee. Silly you. I’m talking about the MTV show Catfish. And if you didn’t already know, catfishing is a relatively new term that’s become popularized over the past few years. To be a catfish means you’re pretending to be someone on the internet that you’re not, and you spend your free time essentially preying on other people. Hence, the show Catfish was created.

To give you a little bit of a background on the show just in case you didn’t already know, one of the hosts, Nev, was catfished by some chick back in the day. Their relationship got so close that he thought he was in love with the person – which happens a lot more now than you may think. Anyway, Nev found out that he was being played eventually, and now helps out others that are in the same situation. Often times, the person that is believed to be a catfish is really the person that the person who contacted the show has been talking to all along. Most of the time though, it’s not.

 Now back to the primary subject of the post.

 In episode 4 of the new season of Catfish, the crew is called upon by a young lady in New York because she believes she’s being catfished by a country boy that lives in Nashville, Tennessee named Graham. Turns out, Graham is really who he claimed to be, but that didn’t stop the Catfish crew from paying a visit to Music city.

 I’ll admit, I’ve been a pretty avid watcher of the show for quite some time now, and have seen all of the episodes. Catfish just released their 6th season and in all of the time leading up to it, I have never seen them visit Nashville. They also visited Knoxville at during the beginning of season 6 when another kid that thought he was being catfished, Spencer, thought he was talking to singer Katy Perry.

 Looks like season 6 is a hot spot for Tennesseans.








Things You Won’t Catch Nashvillians Saying

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If you have lived in Nashville for a long time, we’ve got just the video for you!

While surfing YouTube for content ideas for this blog, we came across a video that just about sums about many of the things that you won’t catch many people in Nashville saying. It’s satirical, funny, and just the thing you may need to perk you up for the day. 😉

At least for a few minutes anyways…

Enough with the small talk, let the video speak for itself.

As a citizen of Music city, do you agree with what people are saying in this video? Oh, we mean NOT saying, haha.


Tell us about it!

Kudos to J. Bryan Dill of ‘The Nashville Collective’ for making us laugh today.

Funny Sports Fails of 2015 (VIDEO)

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Everyone loves a good laugh, but boy do we love to laugh at epic sports fails. We recently came across the video posted below, which shows some of the funniest sports fails from February of 2015.

The moral of the story is to watch, learn, and strive to not make the same mistakes, which could potentially hurt you in a way. Just to be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to remember these fails the next time you play the same sport. 😉

Living in and Around Nashville

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Nashville is officially one of the fastest growing cities in the entire nation, thanks to it’s massive growth in and around the area. With all the new editions and the many great ones we had beforehand, there is more to do now than ever before.

Not only is Nashville home to country music and some of it’s most promising country stars, it’s also the station for our national sports teams such as the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Sounds, Predators, Vols, and more. Locals have the option to visit local sports practices of some of their favorite teams, and attend a variety of sports games that go on year round.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. At the infamous Bridgestone arena, there are a wide variety of concerts and events including Barnum and Bailey’s Circus. And you don’t have to strictly be a country music fan to attend. No matter what type of music you favor whether it’s rap, rock, pop, or hip-hop, there will be a concert near you every month or two. Check out one of the many Nashville websites to see concerts for the rest of the year and their showtimes. But the music doesn’t stop at the arena; the downtown Nashville area is filled with clubs and bars that are always playing music or having music played at them by local musicians. The Piano Bar is a great one that comes to mind.

Centennial Park is another great historical place in the downtown area which is great for families and groups of all shapes and sizes to exercise, hang out, play, and overall have a very relaxing day.

If you’re more into shopping, the central Nashville area is littered with shops for all tastes. If you have been waiting to get yourself a nice pair of country boots or a hat, will should find what you want and more at one of the local shops downtown.

Food buffs everywhere will enjoy some of the finest tastes of food in the region. There are hundreds of restaurants to select from, and you won’t find the big establishments like O-Charley’s and Logans but instead, local tastes that are unique and sure to impress and satisfy.

The views of Nashville are astounding with the many buildings and historical sites that are all around. If you haven’t experienced Nashville already, we highly suggest that you do so. We must warn you however that there can be an overwhelming amount to do, and you will probably need to make more than one visit to take all of it in. Have fun!